Main Donor


The Alfayed Charitable Foundation in the UK makes a monthly donation to Lotus and is currently our only regular financial donor. Their support means we can continue to operate.


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Friends and Supporters


Double Check Translation is valuable supporter for Lotus. They translated our website fully in Spring 2016, allowing us to offer our website in Mongolian for the first time ever. Double Check offers this support continually as our website needs updating. This means our website is accessible for local people as well as international visitors, which is really important to us.


HoganLovells Logo_382Since 2016, Hogan Lovells (Mongolia) LLP has been assisting Lotus with legal work on a pro bono basis. Also, on October 8th 2016, 15 of their local staff came to Lotus for a volunteer day during which they helped with painting, cooking, and made donations of food, clothing, books and games.



Altan Taria has been a long-term local supporter of Lotus. As well as assisting with maintenance issues, they also provide a continuous donation of flour for our bakery. We use dozen of sacks of flour each month, so this donation is hugely valuable for Lotus.

For many years IVCO have made financial contributions to projects at Lotus, without their continued support Lotus would not be what it is today.


The Mongolian Cricket Seed Appeal is a local NGO supporting the introduction of Cricket into Mongolia, including the opening of Mongolia’s first cricket pitch in Autumn 2016. Through their program, even though there is currently only one qualified cricket coach in Mongolia, they are able to offer free coaching sessions to Lotus children.



World Challenge is a UK-based organisation operating expeditions for Students from the UK and Australia to destinations around the world, including Mongolia. For many years they have sent volunteer groups to Lotus, completing dozens of projects for us from painting and decorating to landscaping and gardening.


Alliance4Kids is an organisation based in Switzerland that attracts local donors to support our projects at Lotus. Alliance4Kids made a significant contribution towards our project to open the Lotus Cafe in 2017.



The Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) Italy support us by running a child sponsorship program in Italy.  Thanks to AMURT Italy, over 40 of our children have individual sponsors through this program. We are also supported by AMURT USA.


The Children’s Health and Education Fund supports Lotus by fundraising and collecting donations on our behalf in Australia.



Global Exploration is a Dutch-based organisation that sends groups of students on expeditions around the world. Since 2016 they have been supporting Lotus by sending volunteer groups to us to help with various projects.




The Toy Store in Mongolia donated over 500,000MNT of toys to Lotus as gifts for Children’s Day 2016.



The Tartan Tourers are a Scottish trio who dove a minibus to Lotus and donated it in 2015. They continue to fundraise and raise awareness for us in the UK today.




Stanny Roodselaar has been volunteering at Lotus for many years. She visits at least twice-a-year with Fritz Hörter, together they have become much loved members of the Lotus family. When Stanny is back home in The Netherlands she is an artist, and has a line of products directly supporting Lotus.


One of our supporters, Sound artist Vortichez, made a CD album of traditional Mongolian sounds and music. All proceeds from sales of this album are donated to Lotus. To listen to a free preview, and to download the album, click here.


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