Upcoming Projects

Here’s a list of some of the projects we hope to complete in 2017. This list is not exhaustive and also they may not all be completed in 2017, since many of them rely on us finding funding for the project before we can start.


Training Workshop

As our children get older, there is an increased focus on learning new skills that can provide them will more opportunities for the future. With this in mind we are going to build an extension on to our garages which will provide a workshop space for the older children to learn new vocational skills, such as mechanics, carpentry, maintenance, and crafts like sewing and felting. We are currently looking for a sponsor for this project.


Artificial Grass Pitch

We were very lucky to have a concrete sports area donated to us in the past. Now, as we continue to encourage outdoor exercise and activities, in summer 2017 we will cover the concrete sports area with artificial grass. This will bring many benefits to the centre. Not only will it make the area safer and more comfortable to play on, but it also means it can be used in more diverse weather conditions throughout the year.  We have already received a grant from AMURT Italy for around one third of the estimated cost of this project, but still need to raise the rest before it can go ahead. You can contribute towards to fundraising for this specific project here.


Paving and Garden Area

In 2016 we made excellent progress towards our goal of beautifying our home and making it a nicer place to live. We laid a large amount of paving, and cleared garden areas of weeds in order to plant flowers and trees. This coming year we will continue with this project, with an aim to finish the paving. If you would be interested in supporting this project by donating bricks for the paving, or trees, then please contact us.


Vegetable Growing


After a successful trial in 2016, we now want to transform a large are of our land to a dedicated vegetable growing area, including a greenhouse to extend the growing season. The aim is to become more self-sufficient with food, at the same time as giving our children the opportunity to learn about growing food and self-sufficiency.


Outdoor Kitchen Area

We would like to build a small outdoor kitchen, with a permanent brick barbecue-style fireplace. Frequently during the summer months we have electricity blackouts, and because all of our kitchen equipment is electric, this causes many difficulties when it comes to food. A dedicated permanent space outside where we can cook large amounts of food on a fire will make life easier during these times.

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