Upcoming Projects

Here’s a list of some of the projects we hope to make progress over the next 18 months. This list is not exhaustive and also they may not all be completed this year, since many of them rely on us finding funding for the project before we can start

Solar Energy

With 260 sunny days per year, Mongolia has huge potential for the use of renewable energy from solar power. Currently one of our largest running costs, particularly in winter, is heating which comes from our coal-fired boiler house. Not only is this a huge financial cost, but was are also very aware of the challenges Mongolia faces with regards to pollution from coal fires. Therefore, we hope to be able to start making the most of the sun and bring in the equipment to start converting sunshine into electricity and heating within the next year or two.


It is an ongoing project at Lotus to try and give the best possible education opportunities to our children. Therefore we are always looking for possibilities to send children to better schools, either through scholarship or sponsorship, or a combination of both. As well as their main schools, we also work on finding extra-curricular educational courses that our children can attend such as language or performing arts classes.

Veranda, Outdoor Play Area

Since moving to our Gachuurt site 8 years ago, we have not had many young children in the Lotus family, until just recently. This is why we are now looking to build a secure outdoor play area connected to the existing indoor playroom in the babyhouse so that the young children can freely enjoy the beautiful weather we have outside during the summer season.


Paving and Garden Area

In recent years we have made excellent progress towards our goal of beautifying our home and making it a nicer place to live. We have laid a large amount of paving, and cleared garden areas of weeds in order to plant flowers and trees. If you would be interested in supporting the continuation this project by donating bricks for the paving, or trees, then please contact us.


Vegetable Growing

After a successful trial, we are now transforming a large are of our land to a dedicated vegetable growing area, including a greenhouse to extend the growing season. The aim is to become more self-sufficient with food, at the same time as giving our children the opportunity to learn about growing food and self-sufficiency. For this project specifically we are looking for a large amount of soil that is good enough quality to grow vegetables, and also the materials for building the greenhouse.

summer camp

A loving home for vulnerable Mongolian children.