At Lotus we employ a just small team of local staff, therefore there are many ways in which volunteers can help us throughout the year. The greatest need for volunteers is in the summer months June-August as this is when the children are on holiday from school. Our volunteers help out with a range of things from organising activities and events for the children, to teaching extra-curricular classes such as sports or languages, to helping with cooking, maintenance, administration and fundraising. To find out more detailed information, you can read the information handbook at the bottom of this page, see our FAQs or contact us.

Special Needs Children

Aside from the main Centre in Gachuurt, we also have a small Centre just to the east of central Ulaanbaatar, in Bayanzurkh, where our children with special needs live. There is the opportunity for volunteers to be based here for all or part of their time with Lotus if they have experience working with children that have special needs and would like to run a project with them.


Location and Costs

Lotus is based 20km out of the city, so we provide volunteers with accommodation and food. To help contribute to the cost of this, we ask all volunteers for a donation of $20US per night that they stay with us.


Day Visitors

As well as on-site volunteers, we are always happy to welcome those who would like to visit the Centre for a only a few hours to come and see the children and also how we operate. Whether you would like to come for a visit or even come to do an activity with the children for a few hours, please send us an email or contact one of our staff members on our contact page.


Below, you can read testimonials from past volunteers to get an idea of what volunteering at Lotus is like. If you would like to know more about our volunteering then please see our FAQs or contact us. Or if you are ready to apply then please download and complete the application form through the link below and return it to us.

Erica, 2 months at Lotus, Summer 2014

My two months at the Lotus Centre was a time that solidified my commitment for international work. I acquired programmatic skills and insight into the day-to-day tasks of working in a non-profit, but more importantly, I learned patience and love. The children touched my heart with their positive energy and their affection. I miss everything about the Centre–the beautiful scenery; the every day struggles of completing menial tasks, teaching classes and trying to occupy 80 children; the intimate conversations; and the unique relationship I built with each child. I feel that I am tied to the Centre for the rest of my life and I have promised myself to return to Mongolia!

Max, 2 months at Lotus, Summer 2015

This adventure in Lotus of two month (summer 2015) was for me a great experience, I spent my time there to entertain them and help in the centre as much as I could. Every Children have a different profile and a lot of them asked for hiking which is my favourite hobby so I was always in the mountains around the camp with them. It was so great to feel helpful and link this with something I like and transmit it to the children, I can also say that I feel different from the moment I arrive in the Centre. The contact with the children happy after a hard beginning and the volunteer ready to give so much to them changed my way to think about this stuff. I also want to say thank you to Connor, Gary, Maha, James all the children and the others who made my experience better even with some hard time!

Sam, 2 months at Lotus, Summer 2016

I’d say my volunteering experience is something I won’t forget anytime soon. Obviously there were times of up and down, but regardless I knew that would all be part of it, so in reflection the time I spent out at Lotus and Mongolia was equally both eye-opening and rewarding, and definitely something I wouldn’t hesitate to do again. The biggest thing I feel I have gained is an eye-opening, and perspective changing view on Mongolia, and the people (kids too obviously), relative to what I am used to back home, and I suppose similarly to that I really valued being alone and away for 2 months from all that I was used to back home. It feels much more like 2 years of life experience rather than 2 months.

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