Find Us

Our location in Gachuurt is not the easiest to find sometimes, so here are a few directions to our Centre that will hopefully make your journey a little bit smoother.

Our address is:

Lotus Children’s Centre
Baga Am
20th Khoroo
Bayanzurkh District

Our location

The Centre is located on the hill on the east side of the unpaved road. When approaching the Centre, once you see the lotus flower on the blue gate, then you will have arrived at the Lotus Children’s Centre!

By Bus

Beginning from Sukhbaatar Square, you can take the No.1 bus (Cost: 500 tugrug) or any trolleybus (Cost: 300 tugrug) eastbound that runs along the main road of Ulaanbaatar, called Peace Avenue. You will get off at Jukov Bus Stop (Жуковын Буудал) and then get on the Ч:36 Zaisan – Gachuurt (Зайсан – Гачуурт) bus (Cost: 500 tugrug). You will take this bus until the last stop, which is Gachuurt. From the bus stop, you walk 100 metres back from where the bus came and walk 1 kilometre north along the unpaved road, until you see the Centre on the hill on your right hand side.

By Shared Taxi

One stop after Jukov Bus Stop (Жуковын Буудал), you can get off the bus at Kino Uildver Bus Stop (Кино Үйлдвэр), and you will hear locals shouting “Gachuurt, Gachuurt”. Whilst this is not an official taxi company, it is safe and a quicker journey to Gachuurt. The driver will wait until his car his full before leaving. The cost is 1,000 tugrug per person. Once the taxi stops at its end point, walk 1 kilometre north along the unpaved road, until you see the Centre on the hill on your right hand side.

By Taxi

A taxi from the centre of Ulaanbaatar should cost around 30,000 tugrug.